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MR Pharmacy Campus

Maharajah's College of Pharmacy is constitute of MANSAS (an educational trust established in 1958 by the great philanthropist and beloved Rajah Sahib of Vizianagaram, late Dr. P.V.G. Raju)is founded in 2004. it is sprawled in a beautiful, lush green, serene campus in a ten acre area, near PhoolBaugh in Vizianagaram. The college runs D-Pharmacy, B-Pharmacy and M-Pharmacy courses. MAHARAJAH'S COLLEGE OF PHARMACY provides a rigorous education blending liberal arts and professional programs of study. Our teaching and scholarship are motivated by the need to be informed by, and to contribute to, the world's scientific and humanistic enterprises. Our students, faculty, staff, and alumni all contribute to the learning process.

MAHARAJAH'S COLLEGE OF PHARMACY is committed to attracting a diverse body of students and staff. All members of the College community are encouraged to achieve excellence in their chosen fields and to share the responsibilities of citizenship and responsibilities of citizenship and service in the global community.

The town vizianagaram is 60 km from visakhapatnam and is on the Howrah-Chennai rail line. The college is 5 km from Railway Station and RTC Complex.


Sri Pusapati Ashok Gajapathi Raju, born on 26 June 1951, is the Union Minister for Civil Aviation, Government of India. A scion of Royal family of Vizianagaram princely state, he is the youngest son of the last Maharaja of Vizianagaram, Dr.PVG Raju. He was a member of Andhra Pradesh State legislature for over twenty five years and was a Minister in the Govt. of A.P., for thirteen years holding the portfolios of Commercial Tax, Excise, Legislative affairs, Finance, Planning and Revenue.

Following the footsteps of his visionary father Dr.PVG Raju, he joined legislation to serve the people. He was influenced by socialism and moved by the deplorable condition of the people, both socially and economically, He took an active part in the struggle for the formation of a new district viz. Vizianagaram.

His interest to improve education in the district led to the establishment of several governmental and non-governmental educational institutions. Presently he is Chairman of the trust The Maharaja Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Science(MANSAS) which is running twelve educational institutions in the district.

As a Minister, he was associated with several developmental activities. He is keenly interested in the field of public health and the conservation of water and electricity. In pursuance of this ideal, he launched housing, drinking water and health schemes. He has traveled abroad to study town planning and to implement it suitably in Andhra Pradesh. He is a former President of Andhra Cricket Association. His efforts resulted in the establishment of several centers for imparting training in several sports at many places including Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram

Alak Narayana

Maharajah Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Science [MANSAS] is an Educational Trust founded by Dr. (late) P.V.G Raju, Raja Saheb of Vizianagaram in the hallowed memory of his father Maharajah Alak Narayan Gajapati with a view to confound socio-academic inequalities in the Vizianagaram principality executing a trust deed on 12-11-1958 duly established Maharajah's College and other educational institutions in and around Vizianagaram.

The Trust is a charitable one published under Section 6 a (1) of A.P Charitable and Hindu Religious Institutions and Endowment Act 30 of 1987 and registration properties were approved by the Assistant Commissioner, Endowment Department Anakapalli in his R.Dis.No.B 4/4025/72,dated 19-5-1973.The object of the Trust is to manage the properties of educational institutions under it and to promote and advance the cause of education in general, besides awarding scholarships to deserving students enabling them to undergo special training in science and industries in and out of India.

The Trust has made an uncompromising contribution to the nation by presenting the stalwarts like Sri V.V. Giri, former President of India, Prof. Swami Gnanananda, a renowned nuclear scientist, Major K.V.Krishna Rao and many more. The Trust presently houses 13 Educational Institutions offering the disciplines of science, humanities education, law, management, pharmacy and engineering leveling from elementary to post graduation.

Alak Narayana

The great contribution of the Pusapati family to the growth and enhancement of the educational culture in Vizianagaram is well known phenomenon. The MANSAS organization which has brought fourth many an educational institution for the intellectual growth of the society being ably run by two stalwart sons of his great visionary Raja Saheb Dr.PVG Raju. The leader of his sons is Dr. P.Anand Gajapathi Raju, Chairman of MANSAS, who is a multifaceted man with exceptional qualities as a person as well as scholar. He is the man of intellectual integrity and humanism. He aspired to have clean politics to develop the nation a supreme power, both economically and socially.

He confides that roots for cherishing this lies in education. With a great vision of this he took the active role in politics and won 1983 elections and adorned ministry of Education and Health. During his tenure he tried his best to bring the education to the door step of the deserving people irrespective of economical and social positions by abolishing the capitation fee system in education. Further, he won the election in 1985 and 1991 as a Member of Parliament from Bobbili Constituency and brought the glory to the membership by his acumen imbued with political ideology.

After the demise of his father ,he has taken the reigns of MANSAS as a Chairman and been flowering it an epicenter of education by introducing engineering education and other professional courses under Trust and endeavoring to fulfill his father wishes. Culmination for his services to the cause of education has come in the way of conferment of Honorary Doctorate from Inter American University of Humanistic Studies, Florida, USA. He has been awarded with another Doctorate in Economics from Andhra University in 2009 towards the recognition of his contribution and works on economic policies in society.

Alak Narayana

Dr. P.V.G.Raju, Raja Saheb of Vizianagarm, is a man saving his soul by righteousness, virtuousness and with humanism. He is a prince turned democrat and a democratic prince. He believes in a principle that mere accession to throne may not make one a prince or a ruler but only when one is true to one's conscience in providing the proletariat the spirit to sustain, the power to prosper and the needs to lead a socially comfortable life. He strictly conformed to his principle and it does reflect in his philanthropic works.

Despite his feudal background, he has chosen socialism and unswervingly strained his nerves to realize his cherished dreams or eradicating socio-economical inequalities to build a culturally, socially, economically and academically strong nation. He is such a noble personality that well before the idea of abolition of estates gained the momentum, he pleaded the government to abolish estates even without paying any compensation to the holders and became the first Indian ruler of this kind. As a part of realizing his socialistic ideals, he endowed almost all his properties to the educational trust MANSAS founded in the hallowed memory of his father Maharajah Alak Narayan Gajapathi who incorporated in the place of the traditional motto of Vizianagaram estate - "ever loyal", his own motto of real independence lies in virtual obedience or submission to one's own conscience. He cherished to establish a Tribal University in the vicinity of Vizianagaram besides establishing Medical and Engineering colleges to make it an epicenter of education. Conscious of his heritage 'Noblesse Oblige' he endowed the trust with almost all his properties worth hundreds of crores in the present value.

Besides his philanthropic work, Dr. Raju is deeply and equally interested in the working of "atma" as well as "atman" - as a true disciple to his spiritual mentor, the saint Swami Gnananda and elevated himself to the heights of Rajarishi.

The Library and information centre, Maharajah's College of Pharmacy Library is one of the best Pharmacy college library in the state. It is committed to achieve the highest standards in the provision of information resources and services in order to advance the teaching, learning and research of the college. It started its function with a vision to serve the information needs of its users and it mainly holds books related to pharmacy and allied subjects. It has a huge collection of classics and latest books on Pharmaceutical Sciences and equipped with internet facility. The college library which caters to all subjects for more than 8000 volumes is one of the largest collections of books on pharmacy in the state and continuously enriched with recent publications. The library has rich collection contains textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, general books, competitive books, M.Pharm thesis and dissertations. The library also subscribing more than 25 National and International Journals, Magazines and 6 News Papers (English, Telugu).

The library has subscribing full text Online Databases like Bentham Science Pharmacy collections and having the membership of DELNET (Development Library Network). Digital Library is established to access E-journals. Pharmacy related subject CD’s are available in the library. Besides this, it provides various services such as lending of books, maintenance of back volumes of science journals, reservation of books, photocopying, CD and internet facilities ect.