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1Dr S RajeswariCoordinator
2Dr K Sita KumariMember
3Mrs. N. SwathiMember
4Ms. N.Navya Sudha Member
5Mrs. NaliniMember

The college has a women empowerment cell which addresses the grievances of girl students regarding sexual harassment. The composition of cell comprises one senior lady faculty member as coordinator and other lady facuty members. The composition of the cell is as follows:

This cell looks after the welfare of the girl students and the lady staff members.:

Roles and responsibilities of women empowerment cell

  • To promote awareness among girl students on occupational, legal and constitutional rights.

  • To educate girl students on women specific health issues and measures to be taken.

  • To make girl students realize their strengths and be empowered.

  • Advice and support girl students, if faced by any gender specific problem.

  • Conduct competitions such as presentations, elocution, essay writing and painting to encourage girl students to express their ideas.