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Master of Pharmacy ( Duration : 2 Years [4 terms / semester] )

Maharajah's College of Pharmacy Recently introduced the Course of M-Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics) during the academic year 2010-2011 with an intake of 15 seats. These regulations shall be called "the regulations for the M.PHARM COURSE OF THE MAHARAJAH'S COLLEGE OF PHARMACY, VIZIANANGARAM". They shall come into force from the academic year 2010-2011 sessions. The regulation and syllabi are subject to modifications by the Academic Council from time to time.

Pharmaceutics (Intake):15 Seats
Pharmaceutical Analysis:15 Seats


1. Eligibility:

A candidate who has passed B.Pharm degree examination of any recognized University and has secured not less than 5% of the maximum marks (aggregate of four years) prescribed for the qualification examination shall be eligible for the admission to the M.Pharm course.

2. Regulation:

A Candidate admitted to the Master of Pharmacy course shall submit the prescribed application form for registration duly filled along with prescribed fee and declaration in the format within 10 days from the cut-off date prescribed for Master of Pharmacy course for admission.

3. Duration of the Course:

The course of study including submission of dissertation shall be of 24 months (two years) duration from the commencement of academic term. The study of M.Pharm course shall be of annual system that includes M.Pharm part-I, extending for twelve months from the commencement of academic term and M.Pharm part-II of twelve months duration.

4. Medium of Instructions:

English shall be the medium of instruction for all the subjects of study for examinations of the M. Pharm course.

5. Working Days in Academic Year:

In Part - I Each semester shall consist of not less than 75 working days.

6. Attendance and Progress :

A candidate required to put in at least 75% attendance in theory and practical subject separately to be eligible for appearing in the university examinations.

7. Examination:

There shall be examination for at the end of each semester. For M.Pharm Part-II, the examination shall be an evaluation of dissertation and viva-voce at the end of the academic year.

8. Scheme of Examination:
i. Internal Assessment Marks :
(a). Theory :

Two sessional examinations shall be conducted by the college in every semester for 20 (twenty) marks each, and the average is considered and send to the university.

(b). Practical :

Students are expected to perform the experiment listed in the respective subject. The evolution is a continuous process which is based on student attendance, practical performance, viva-voce and record work.

1st Semester: 3 Theory Papers & 2 Practicals

2nd Semester: 4 Theory Papers & 1 Practical

3rd & 4th Semester: Project work for click for downloads

M.Pharm. Part-II Dissertation:

i. Every candidate pursuing M. Pharm course is required to carry out work on a selected research project under the guidance of a recognized postgraduate teacher. The results of such a work shall be submitted in the form of a dissertation.

ii. The dissertation is aimed to train a postgraduate student in research methods and techniques. It includes identification of the problem, formulation of a hypothesis, review of literature, getting acquainted with recent advances, designing of a research study, collection of data, critical analysis, and comparison of results and drawing conclusions.

iii. The dissertation should be written under the following headings
(a) Introduction
(b) Aims or Objectives of study
(c) Review of literature
(d) Material and Methods
(e) Results
(f) Discussion
(g) Conclusion
(h) Summary
(i) References
(j) Annexure
(k) Tables

iv. The written text of dissertation shall be not less than 50 pages and shall not exceed 150 pages excluding references, tables, questionnaires and other annexure. It should be neatly typed with double line spacing on one side of the bond paper (A4size, 8.27" x 11.69”) and bound properly. Spiral binding should be avoided. The dissertation shall be certified by the guide and co-guide if any, Head of the Department and Head of the Institution. The dissertation shall be submitted at least one month before the end of M. Pharm Part II term.

v. A guide shall be a full time post graduate teacher of the institution for supervision of dissertation work. However a co - guide can be opted wherever required.

iii.Submission of Dissertation :

Three copies of the dissertation duly certified by the guide, head of the department and the principal shall be submitted to the university for evaluation

iv. Viva-Voce Examination :

The Viva-Voce examination shall aim at assessing the depth of knowledge, logical reasoning, confidence and oral communication skills. The Viva-Voce examination shall be held after the submission of dissertation. If any candidate fails to submit the dissertation on or before the date prescribed, his/her Viva-Voce shall be conducted during the subsequent examination which shall not be earlier than six months from the date fixed in the first instance. Examiners: There shall be at least two examiners in each branch of specialization, out of them one shall be external examiner and the other one shall be the internal examiner (the guide).